IMG_0083The choir is a dedicated, loyal and talented group of individuals that enjoy expressing their love of music with a spiritual message. Music selections are varied in style, period of music and composer.

Trinity Episcopal Choir is a volunteer group that meets for rehearsals every week and on Sunday mornings before church at 9:00 a.m. The choir is P1060529open to all people who would love to come and share their talents with us. Thew Elliott is the choir director.

Like to sing, just for the fun of it?¬† FunSing will meet on Tuesdays the FIRST and THIRD TUESDAYS of each month, September through May. Also, we’ll meet from 7 to 8 because from 6 to 7 on each of those evenings I’ll be offering a FREE music-reading class for anyone who wants it! ¬†Everyone welcome, open to people of all ages!

IMG_6774Thew Elliot, Music Director at Trinity, is an educator, performer, and citizen committed to finding ways that music can strengthen communities and offer individuals a means of expression for their deepest selves. Thew is particularly interested in the role of music in the lives of communities who gather weekly to share story and ritual. Be sure to join us one Sunday soon and revel in the music.

For more information, please contact: Thew Elliot at