We all go into a different rhythm in the summer. Trinity changes the time of its service on Sunday (from 8AM and 10AM to 9AM) and even the rhythm of the way our worship space is arranged. We sit closer, face each other. We are in as close to a circle as we can get. And the nature of our worship is also different.

One thing is not in transition, that is our connection to Trinity as the body of Christ. This summer take advantage of the lectionary that comes to you each week in the Weekly Herald (contact us if you’d like to be added to our email list). Read what we are reading on Sunday and read the accompanying commentary.

Be sure to watch other communications from Trinity to keep your spiritual life robust this summer, as well as your traveling and beach skills. Each week you will receive a spiritual invitation from us.

Try to take 5-10 minutes each day to connect with God, whether through a daily prayer or through some quiet time that you set aside.

Let us know what you are doing so we all can share.

And if you are in town, gather with us at 9AM on Sunday mornings to connect with each other.

And no matter where you are gathered on Sundays, be sure to catch one of our Summer Brunches (June 25, July 16 and August 13). Food and Fellowship.

I hope that your rhythm this summer aligns you with the rhythm of God.