Mission Statement:

1. Definition.

Christian Stewardship begins with the prayerful recognition of the innumerable God given gifts each of us has received and the need and responsibility to share those gifts with others.

It is an outward expression of an inner commitment to Christ. It finds fulfillment in the generous sharing with others. It is a recognition of the need for responsible service in His name, the sharing of our personal skills with others and financial support for His works.

2. Purpose.

The purpose of the Stewardship Commission is to keep before the Parish the importance of Christian Stewardship. To encourage the members of the Parish to commit themselves, on a year-round basis, to generously share their talents, time, and treasure to further God’s Works and the mission of Trinity Church, and to ensure the wise use of Parish resources.

3. Functions.

Functions of the Stewardship Commission include advising the Vestry on budgetary and financial matters; the care and use of the church building, archives and facilities, Stewardship education, including care and concern for the environment, and the active promotion and encouragement of year-round giving.