I hope that you are having a good and purposeful Lent. I hope that you have been taking some small or large time to be centered with God each day. Have you been able to pray each day? Have you been able to use Lent as a way to do a bit of reorientation of either behavior or perspective in your life?

At Trinity we are seeking to deepen our spiritual life with the Lenten Lunches on adapting prayer time each day to your life in order to center yourself each day. At Trinity we are also involved in the journey called RenewalWorks which will help us, we hope, as a congregation and also enable us to be closer as a parish and be optimistic for our future.

A holy Lent spent in examination and prayer always leads to an Easter experience which is joyful and loving. At Trinity’s Easter service, Bishop Lane will be presiding and we are inviting All Saints and anyone else who wishes to celebrate Easter with us.

So. THIS Lent continue to come to church, come, if you can to the Lenten Lunches (Friday March 31 and Friday April 7 at noon) spend some small center dime each day with prayer or just in quiet, with God. Ask yourself where your ups and downs have been in the last year (since last Easter). Write them down and then write where you saw God, if you did, in them.

And then come and join your friends at Trinity. More importantly, bring one of your friends. They will thank you for it.

Your brother on the journey,




the Rev. Canon Lawrence B. Weeks