I am writing this from the perspective of Holy Week, the last week in Lent. I hope that you have had a Holy Lent, by which I mean that you have spent some time looking back over the last year to see if another course may have been charted in your life.

As you know, we had a funeral at Trinity this week. Ken’s death reminded me that our parish families, and thus our parishes themselves, are in the process of a shift from a former life to a new life, a different life. I think that we all sense this.What we are called to do and be in this time of shifts is courageous and faithful and trusting that God is indeed calling you.

In Matthew’s Easter Gospel for this year, we read that the two women who came to the tomb encountered the angel who told them that Jesus had been raised and the “left the tomb quickly with fear and great joy” (28:8). This combination of fear and great joy is the key for us this Easter. It means that when we left our celebration of Easter, the resurrection went with us to the challenges we face each day

Resurrection does not mean that we have no more challenges, or that we do not encounter death and the death of dreams or plans. Resurrection does mean that God always creates a space for us for something new. God creates space for us in our experience for possibilities that may have not been there without God’s continuing resurrecting action.

When we left the Easter service and went back home, resurrection went with us. Easter does not end, just as our lives keep going, filled with fear and great joy.

Happy Easter!




The Rev. Canon Lawrence B. Weeks