Who We Are

The Fellowship Commission is a group of hard working individuals who love to enjoy themselves while they make Trinity shine. Thanks in large part to this commission, Trinity has a reputation for great food and warm fellowship.

The Fellowship Commission hosts parish breakfasts and lunches throughout the year.  The intent of these gatherings is to provide an opportunity for Trinity members to share good food while catching up on one another’s lives.

This commission also coordinates the catering for most of Trinity’s special events, such as the Bishop’s visit, the parish picnic, Shrove Tuesday pancake supper, funeral receptions, and the annual meeting. We also act as the coordinating body for Trinity’s weekly coffee hours following the 10:00 service. Various parishioners or groups volunteer to host the coffee hours. The Fellowship Commission co-leaders insure that supplies are available and that people who wish to volunteer to host a coffee hour are provided with the assistance they need.

How You Can Get Involved

The commission’s needs are varied and flexible, so people can find a role to fit their circumstances when they have time. There is an opportunity for everyone who wants to be involved, and we welcome people who want to strengthen this community and foster long lasting friendships. Please consider joining us!

Why You Should Get Involved

We believe that joining the Fellowship Commission is a great way for newcomers and established parishioners to build solid relationships with other members of the congregation while providing a service to the Trinity community. If you like to eat and have fun, please consider sharing your time and talent with the people around you in Trinity’s kitchen!