20696006┬áThis November, the Christian Education group at Trinity and St. Peter’s will offer a series of discussions on the highly acclaimed book, “Being Mortal,” by Atul Gawande.
Atul Gawande, award winning author, physician, and researcher – has written a wonderfully enlightening book. Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters at the End explores many questions and situations we will all likely face, but ones we are tempted to avoid. His research, insights and personal experience include reflections on his own family as well as how he, as a doctor, advised his own patients. Each chapter is relevant for all of us.
Ultimately he says our goal should be less focused on medicine’s ability to save and steer us to the end, and instead, be on how we live and inter ace with our loved ones during the period before the end arrives. His book helps ask great questions that we as people of faith should be considering:
  • How do our priorities change as we age? Why? Are we ready?
  • How is medicine helping and hurting us, our parents, and our elderly friends and neighbors? Is there something we should do to avoid the hurt? were things better in the good old days and is there something to learn or relearn/remember?
  • what do we mean when we speak of a “better life” or a “good death” and what are the “hard conversations” we should be having now as we plan for natural changes as we age?
  • What if anything, does this mean for our churches? How can we all, as people of faith, help one another?

Join us at 11AM on November 8 at 11AM at Trinity, November 15 at St. Peter’s, and November 22 at Trinity. A separate topic will be discussed at each session, feel free to attend one or all. FMI contact Trinity at 775-1179.