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by trinity

We all go into a different rhythm in the summer. Trinity changes the time of its service on Sunday (from 8AM and 10AM to 9AM) and even the rhythm of the way our worship space is arranged. We sit closer, face each other. We are in as close to a circle as we can get. […]

Going … with Fear and Great Joy

by trinity

I am writing this from the perspective of Holy Week, the last week in Lent. I hope that you have had a Holy Lent, by which I mean that you have spent some time looking back over the last year to see if another course may have been charted in your life. As you know, […]

Holy Lent to a Great Easter

by trinity

I hope that you are having a good and purposeful Lent. I hope that you have been taking some small or large time to be centered with God each day. Have you been able to pray each day? Have you been able to use Lent as a way to do a bit of reorientation of […]